Light up the city was a outreach program that was birthed in the mind of our pastor to bring the community together.  The local church working with the Michigan State Police to bridge the gap of communication, building friendships, & loving people.


International Community Development (I.C.D)

I.C.D is a non-profit 503c charity that desires to assist in global immigration issues and resettlement efforts helping with relocation assistance, housing, and english as a second language programs to immigrants.


Bus Ministry

Every week our team goes out into the neighborhood and picks up children for Sunday School.  The bus team also picks up adults who may have no other means of transportation.  It is a ministry we want to give back to our community, we want to be there for every soul that wants and needs Jesus.



Collaborated with Panera Bread-donated sandwiches, baked goods, Aldi's -donated the bags, food/monetary donation from members of the church, and Empowerment plan founder and CEO, Veronika Scott, donated 100 coats that convert into sleeping backs.


MSP BoysCamp

MSP Summer Camp consisted of us inviting boys from the community of Inkster to attend a summer camp where they built on character building, how to interview for a job, and become a leader in the community through MSP mentorship at the academy. We partnered with stores with in our community that donated, shirts & tie for job interviews, duffel bag with Hygiene products, back packs with scholastic materials. along with certs of completion and possible job hire through MSP, when older.